FREE Reality Shifting to My Hero Academia Script Template [Fill in the Blank]

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Hoping to try reality shifting to My Hero Academia?

Well, of course you are! Whether you want to feel what it’s like to have our own Quirk or train as a hero with all your favorite MHA characters, there’s plenty of reasons to try shifting to MHA, and we’d love to help.

Below, we’ll be sharing a free fill-in-the-blank My Hero Academia scripting template that you can customize for your own needs. Enjoy!

NOTE: This is based off of our general Anime Shifting Script here, so be sure to check it out if you want to adapt it to other animes.


First: What is Reality Shifting?

Let’s start with a very beginner consideration: what even is shifting? If you’re not sure, then you should probably start with some basics first. Here is a guide from GeekTrippers that explains it all in beginner terms.

You might wonder though: is reality shifting real?

The answer (unfortunately) depends on who you ask! Some think it’s real, others think it’s nonsense, and some are kind of in the middle, thinking that shifting is merely an extension of lucid dreaming rather than actual jumping of realities.

Nobody can say for sure if shifting is real, but if you’re curious about trying, we’ve created this shifting script template to My Hero Academia so you can easily get started, and decide for yourself.

So, let’s get to it!


How to Use This My Hero Academia Reality Shifting Script Template

Below, you’ll find a free My Hero Academia shifting script template that we have created that you are free to borrow, adapt, etc. for personal use.

Be aware that scripting is not said to be a mandatory part of shifting, and really, there aren’t exact rules to this, so feel free to use as little or as much of our My Hero Academia scripting template as you wish.

You can also feel free to personalize it a lot more by adding different visuals like photos and other details to help you create your Desired Reality. The most important thing is to have fun with it.

This My Hero Academia shifting script can be…

  • Physically written down (e.g. in a notebook) or digital (on your phone, in a Word doc, etc.)
  • 100% text-based, or include visuals too

Like with all things shifting-related, your script is personal and 100% up to you. Making it 100% your own is the goal.

So without further ado, here is a fill in the blank shifting script for reality shifting to My Hero Academia that you can borrow.


Our Fill in the Blank My Hero Academia Shifting Script Template

Below, you’ll find a free My Hero Academia shifting script template that you can customize for yourself by filling in the blanks. We hope you find it useful.

My name is _______.

I was born (with/without) a Quirk.

The name of my Quirk is _______.

My Quirk type is _____.

The way my Quirk works is ___________ (explain Quirk in detail).

My hero name is _____.

My fighting style is _______.

The drawbacks of my Quirk are _______.

I am _____ years old.

I was _____ years old when my Quirk developed.

My birthday is _______.

Those in my Desired Reality will all speak in ______ (insert language of choice).

I go to _______ (insert school) and am in Class _______.

My Desired Reality will appear to be ______ (insert preference, e.g. 100% realistic – characters will appear as they would in the real world, semi-realistic – characters will be 3D but look like they do in the anime, 2D, etc.) Remember – this is your Desired Reality so you can make it look how you want, but in this case, it would be recommended to script with some visuals as well to help create this ideal image in your mind.

My Desired Reality will take place during ______ (insert preferred time period from that My Hero Academia).

My Desired Reality will follow the plot of _____ (insert preferred storyline from My Hero Academia, etc.).

The nickname(s) that my friends call me is ________.

I am related to ______ [insert any relevant characters in My Hero Academia you would like to be related to in your DR].

I have ______ hair and _______ eyes. I am ______ feet/cm tall, and my body type is ________.

My best features are __________.

My catchphrase is _______.

My friends in the My Hero Academia world are _____. My My Hero Academia friends understand my sense of humor and references. We became friends because _____ (insert friends origin story). None of my friends can die.

My best friend in my My Hero Academia DR is ________. We have been best friends for _____ years and our favorite thing to do together is _. We became best friends because _____ (insert best friend friendship origin story). My best friend cannot die.

I am very talented at ______ (insert things you are good at).

I speak ___ languages. They are ______ (insert the languages you speak).

On a day to day basis, my activities consist of _____.

I am very ____ (introverted or extroverted). My friends love me because ______ (insert positive traits).

In my free time, I like to ______ (insert hobbies).

My My Hero Academia love interest in my DR is ______. We are ________ (just friends, seeing each other, in a committed relationship, etc.) They are _______ (insert personality traits of My Hero Academia love interest) and likes me for my _____ (insert traits of yours that your My Hero Academia love interest likes). I met my love interest when _____ (insert love interest origin story). My love interest cannot die.

People I don’t get along with in my My Hero Academia DR include _______. My main rival is _____. We are rivals because _____ (insert rival origin story).

I know all districts of all Walls very well, like the back of my hand, and can navigate all aspects of this place with ease.

My signature scent is ______.

My favorite foods in my DR are ______. They serve them at _____ (insert place).

I live in ______ (example: dorms).

Where I live looks like _______ (insert detailed description of where you live, whether it’s a dorm or somewhere else).

I am healthy. I cannot get sick.

I cannot die or incur any major harm. I feel minimal pain.

Nothing I encounter will traumatize me.

Nobody asks me questions about my backstory or questions why I’m there.

When I have successfully shifted to My Hero Academia, I will know because _____ (insert a sign of some kind like what you’re wearing, what you can smell, what you see, etc.)

My Desired Reality will pause when I leave it.

When I am in my Desired Reality, 1 hour of my Current Reality is equal to ______ in my Desired Reality.

I cannot get stuck in my Desired Reality.

My waiting room looks like _________.

Life in my Desired Reality will follow the plot of ____ My Hero Academia, except ________ (insert changes you would make, e.g. Certain characters don’t die, some characters aren’t involved in the same romantic relationships as the movies show, etc..)

All the characters in my Desired Reality will have the same appearance and personality as in My Hero Academia, except ______ (insert changes you would make).

My clone will act as I normally do while I am in my Desired Reality.

My clone will not tell anyone that I have shifted.

To return to my Current Reality, I will _______ (e.g. clap 3 times, tap my feet together 3 times, etc.)

I have a safe word to return to my Current Reality. It is _____.


Other Things to Add to Your My Hero Academia Scripting Template

The fill in the blank scripting template for My Hero Academia we gave above is just a start. As previously mentioned, the main point of a script is that it’s personal and unique to you, so feel free to customize and add anything else that you may deem relevant.

Here are some additional My Hero Academia scripting ideas that you can add:

  • Visuals/photos/inspo of what you look like
  • Visuals/photos/inspo of what your DR will look like (specifically in terms of realism, 2D vs 3D, etc.)
  • Visuals/photos/inspo of what your dorm looks like
  • Convenient additions to your script such as the fact that you can understand all languages, you always have money, you never get your period, you don’t need to shave/wax, you don’t get acne, you always have clean clothes, your breath always smells great, you are physically fit and don’t get tired, etc.

We hope this Shifting Template for My Hero Academia Was Helpful!

Best of luck… and be sure to chime in in the comments if you’ve had any success shifting to My Hero Academia using this free fill in the blank scripting template.

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