Loading Player Two all about love & romance for the fandom generation. Here is our origin story.

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…

Two ridiculous geeks (one dressed as a teddy bear) met under ridiculously random circumstances.

Their first topic of conversation? Pokemon puns.

A few weeks later, after a series of themed pun wars, heated Marvel discussions and superhero Netflix binges, the two managed to unlock a new achievement: they became a couple, and the world has been victim to their senseless pranks, cringey puns and general ridiculousness ever since.

Whether it’s stalking film sets, squealing at conventions or sobbing one’s way through the Wonderful Wizarding World of Harry Potter, they came to learn the following: that nerding out is better with company, and that romance is best when wearing a cape.

With that in mind, Loading Player Two was created to provide the best resources and guides out there for dating and romance, all with a geeky pop culture twist. The crazies behind this keyboard are living proof that there’s someone out there for all of us, no matter how odd, quirky and reliant on obscure references.

So, longing for your geekily ever after?

Let’s make it so.

Love long and prosper,

Loading Player Two


Loading Player Two is committed to levelling up the love lives of geeks around the world through relatable content that inspires and entertains readers, while helping them:


  • Build the confidence they need to find their perfect match
  • Navigate the confusing world of dating and relationships
  • Enjoy fun-filled & epic romantic adventures
It is our genuine belief that dating, marriage and romance should be fun. We don’t believe in watering down our personalities and quirks in hopes of finding someone who will tolerate us… no way! We’re living proof that you can embrace your geeky habits while finding your perfect match, and we’re committed to helping others do exactly that.


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