50+ Epic Star Wars Pickup Lines for Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, Etc.

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Looking for hilarious Star Wars pickup lines to use on dating apps, but been looking in Alderaan places…?

Don’t worry – we’ve got your back.

Whether you’re look for adorable Star Wars themed chat up lines or lines that are a bit dirtier and *forward*, this post definitely has the lines you’re looking for.

We hope you enjoy them, and that they give you A New Hope for your love life.

Wholesome and Cute Star Wars Pickup Lines for Dating Apps

Want to keep things squeaky clean? Don’t want to cross any lines with your Star Wars pickup lines? Let’s start with some cute and wholesome chatup lines then to avoid scaring off your matches.

Wow, you’re gorgeous. Looks like I’ve simply been looking for love in Alderaan places…

Hey is your last name Kenobi?
Because you’re the Obi-Wan that I want.

Wow, are you an astromech droid?
Because you R2 beautiful.

Who are you favorite Star Wars characters?
[Wait for their reply]
Cool. Mine are Yoda and Obi-Wan… because Yoda Obi-Wan for me.

Wow, call me Chewbacca, because I feel so Wookiee to have found you!

If I’m Han Solo, can you be my Chewbacca? Because I Chews you.

Wow, is your lightsaber yellow?
Because you’re a total Rey of sunshine.

Hey is your last name Skywalker?
Because you Luke so good.

Hey do you like BB8?
[Wait for reply]
Well, would you consider it if I asked you to BB-mine?

Hey are you a little rolling astromech?
Because you are pretty BB-Great.

You can call me Han Solo, because I’d be lost without Chew.

Wow, I’m so glad I found you!
[Wait for them to ask why]
Because I’ve Ben Solo for too long…

Hey are you from Endor?
Because you Ewok my world!

Hey are you from Endor?
Because you’re Endor-able.

Hey are you an Ewok?
Because I never want our love to Endor.

Hey are you a Droid?
Because I’m pretty sure you’re the Droid I’m looking for.

Hey are you a princess?
Because you’d definitely be Princess Slay-a.

Wow, I was getting ready to delete this app but seeing you gave me A New Hope.

Hey was your dad a rebel?
Because you just stole my heart.

Hey are you from Naboo?
Because I’d like you to be ma boo.

Hey are you the Force?
Because I’m very attracted to you.

Knock knock
Who’s there?
Baby Yoda.
Baby Yoda who?
Baby Yoda one that I want.

Hey are you from an ice planet?
Because you look so Hoth.

Wow I must be from Alderaan, because you just lit up my world.

Hey do you like Grogu?
Because I’d love to Manda-lure you into a date with me.

Hey are you a fan of Baby Yoda?
Because I’m not that cute, but I promise you’ll Grogu love me.

Hey is your name Jabba?
Cuz you’re certainly very Hutt.

Hey are you from Batuu?
Because I’m a Batuu ask you out.

Hey are you from Dagobah?
Cuz I’d love for you to be my Dago-bae.

Hey are you from Jakku?
Because I need to Jakku-se you of stealing my heart.

Hey did you like Rogue One?
[Wait for reply]
Maybe if you went out with me, we could be Rogue Two?

Wow I thought you were cute already but when I found out you liked Star Wars, I couldn’t help but fall… Manda-more.

I don’t wanna sound Greedo, but you’re so cute I want to have you all to myself.

Hey is your last name Tico?
Because I was looking for a soulmate and you certainly Rose to the occasion.

Hey is your name Poe?
Because Dam-eron, you’re attractive.

Dirty Star Wars Pickup Lines

Looking for Star Wars pickup lines that are a bit spicier? We’ve got some of those too!

Hey can I call you R2?
Because I’d love to give you D2.

Hey is your name Yoda?
Because Yoda-licious.

Hey, what do you think of Darth Vader?
[Wait for reply]
Well, I’d like to in-Vader your pants.

Hey are you Princess Leia?
Because you’ve got great buns.

Luke… I may not be your Father, but I can be your daddy?

Jedi mind tricks aren’t the only tricks I know – if you catch my drift.

Hey do you like outer space?
Cuz I’d love to be Millennium Falcon you.

I feel a great disturbance in my pants…

Hey do you like C-3PO?
Because I’m into human-cyborg relations… and don’t worry, I may look human but I’m a machine in bed.

Hey are you from an ice planet?
Because I’d love to get Hoth and heavy with you.

Hey have you ever wanted to explore the Star Wars universe?
Cuz I’d love to penetrate your inner rim.

Wow, dayum. Your photos developed awakened my force, if you know what I mean.

If you’re worried about me lasting long, let me give you A New Hope. You might think we’re done, then The Empire Strikes Back and when you think we’re done again, then it’s the Return of the Jedi.

Hey is your name Darth Maul?
Because I want you to Sith on my face.

Hey are you a Princess?
Because I’d love to Leia my body on yours.

My name isn’t Leia, but I’ve got a nice Organ-a for you to look at if you want.

Hey are you a former Stormtrooper?
Cuz I’d love to Finn-ish you.

We hope you liked these Star Wars pickup lines!

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any more clever Star Wars chat up lines we should add to the list!

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