200+ Name Pickup Lines for Tinder, Bumble & Hinge (A-Z)

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Alright, you’ve matched with someone on an app and now you’re looking for a clever name pickup line to sweep them off their feet?

Are we right or are we right?

Well, while cheesy pickup lines aren’t always the best approach for impressing your matches, let’s be honest: if you find someone with a corny enough sense of humour to like these, they’re probably a keeper.

So without further ado, we’ve created this truly epic list of 200+ name themed pickup lines for you to use on Tinder, Bumble, Hinge or whatever app you’re swiping on.

We hope you (and your match) enjoy them!

NOTE: There are some duplicates in the name pickup lines for common names that are spelled different ways. Hopefully this will help you find what you’re looking for no matter the spelling!

Aaron Pick-Up Lines

  • Oof – is the Aaron here really fresh or is that just you?
  • Hey Aaron, ever heard that sharin’ is carin’? Care to share a meal together sometime?
  • Wanna go out sometime? I’d consider it an Aar-win if you said yes.
  • Ah, Aaron you glad I messaged you first?
  • Are you tired? Because you’ve been Aaron-ing through my mind all day

Abigail Pick-Up Lines

  • What’s your go to order at a bar? Mine is A Big Ale……… wait. What was your name again?! :O 
  • Wanna skip the small talk and Ab-big-ail with me tonight? 🍻
  • What a great match!..I hope when you see my message you don’t give it Ah-big-ail no and leave me hanging 

Abby Pick-Up Lines

  • Do you know the difference between a wasps and a bee? A wasp is mean and aggressive… but Abby is sweet and cute
  • What do you think Abby-t going on a date sometime?
  • I was hoping you’d text first, but clearly Abby(t) you to it
  • Ooh, not too shAbby at all
  • If you were here, Abby all over you
  • I’m a big fan of historical buildings. Abbys specifically. Always wanted to be in one.

Adam Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Adam… it’s Adam shame I don’t have your number yet
  • Wow call me Eve, because you just made me feel like the only girl in the world
  • Adam? More like ahh damn. 

Addison Pick-Up Lines

  • Do you want to start a family someday? Maybe Addison into the family? I can help with that
  • You’re honestly so gorgeous, it’d be an Addi-Sin if I didn’t ask you out

Adeline Pick-Up Lines

  • Just so you know, Adeline up all day just to see you
  • Wow just when I thought I was out of cheesy lines, [insert app] sent me Adeline. Fate or nah?

Adrian/Adrienne/Adrien Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow Adrian, is that a typo in your name? Because I swear you’re A-Dream.
  • Hey your name is awesome because I’d love to be Adri-in you.

Aiden Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m looking for my soulmate. Do you think you could Aiden my search?

Alexander/Alex Pick-Up Lines

  • Currently tied to a bomb that will only stop if you reply to me. If you don’t reply, Alex-plode
  • You need to go out on a date with me right now. Alex-plain later
  • Ah, I always knew all Alexanders were Great

Alexandra/Alex Pick-Up Lines

  • Currently tied to a bomb that will only stop if you reply to me. If you don’t reply, Alex-plode
  • You need to go out on a date with me right now. Alex-plain later
  • I’ve always loved the name Alexandra. Should I call you Alexandra, Alex, Lexie, or mine?

Alexa Pick-Up Lines

  • Alexa, what’s the best way to get a girl’s number? [Wait for her reply then do exactly what she says]
  • Alexa, play “Will you Be My Girlfriend” by Alanis Morisette
  • Hey Alexa, What’s my schedule look like for Friday night? 

Alexis Pick-Up Lines

  • If all the other girls here were Hondas, you’d be Alexis
  • I can’t believe such a perfect match could Alexis-t

Alice Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, of course your name is Alice. Your body is a wonderland
  • I know you’re Alice, but your body is a wonderland and I want to be Alice
  • I want you to know I’m here for you no matter what, Alice. Tell me anything and Alice-en
  • Hey Alice. Care to meet Fallus?
  • Everywhere’s a palace when I get to be with Alice
  • Of all the girls I’ve seen on here, you’re at the top of m’Alice-t

Allison Pick-Up Lines

  • I want you to know I’m here for you no matter what, Allison. Tell me anything and Allison
  • Hey Alli, stick with me and I can give you a Son.
  • Damn girl, you’re smiles so bright they should call you Alli-sun

Amelia Pick-Up Lines

  • If I asked you out, could the answer be Ameli-yeah?
  • Amelia, I’d love to share Ameal-with-ya
  • Girl, you’re truly one in Amelia

Amy Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey did you know you can’t spell Dreamy without Amy?
  • Of course your name is Amy. I can already tell you’re Amy-zing
  • Hey I hope you don’t mind me messaging you… something about you just seemed very Amy-cable

Andrea Pick-Up Lines

  • Andrea, I wanna go to sleep An-dream of you every night
  • If I asked you on a date, would the answer be an Andre-yeah?

Andrew Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow Andrew, you seem cool an-drewly gorgeous
  • Andrew-th or dare?
  • Looks like I Andrew the winning card today 

Angel Pick-Up Lines

  • How sick of you of hearing ‘Angel’ themed pickup lines?
  • Hey did it hurt? When you fell from heaven? … Too cliched? Sorry, I was just blinded by your halo
  • Since you’re Angel, do you mind if I say Halo?
  • Excuse me for being forward, but time spent with you seems like it’d be heaven

Anna Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Anna, how about you Anna I grab a drink sometime?
  • Hey have you realized your name is the same backwards and forwards? I do would like to do you backwards and forwards
  • Wow, I was just wishing for a soulmate Anna minute later, we matched. What are the chances?
  • Could I get your number so I can take you out to dinner Anna movie?

Anthony Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Anthony, methinks Antho-Need your number
  • I think we Anthon-eed to get to know each other soon

Aria/Arya Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Aria… Aria gonna give me your number?
  • Aria free next Friday for dinner?
  • If I asked you would, would you say Ari-yeah?

Ariana Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Ariana, love your name. Coincidentally, I can give you something Grande.
  • Ariana look-out for someone to date? Because look no further!

Asher Pick-Up Lines

  • I want to ask you out but I’m scared I’ll Cr-Asher and burn…
  • Hey, sorry if cheesy pickup lines are creepy, but I Asher you I’m completely normal.

Aubrey Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey are you looking for a mate? Cuz I’d be happy t’Aubrey’d with you.
  • Wow, you’re so gorgeous, it’s truly Aubrey-lievable.

Audrey Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Audrey, Audreyly like to take you out 
  • Wow, your name makes sense because you’re truly Audrey-m come true

Aurora Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Aurora, I wanna Borealis-tic here and say you’re out of my league, but would you still consider giving me your number?
  • Hey, you have the same name as Sleeping Beauty. You’re definitely a Beauty, would you consider Sleeping with me?

Austin Pick-Up Lines

  • Oh wow sorry – I just got l’Austin your eyes.
  • i’m not usually one for Austin-tatious pickup lines, but I decided to make an exception for you.
  • Wow, you’re gorgeous. I’m definitely in Awe-stin of you.

Autumn Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Autumn, love your name. Knew immediately I would Fall for you
  • Hey beautiful, you Autumn go on a date with me sometime

Ava Pick-Up Lines

  • I thought I knew everything I wanted in life, but after seeing your profile, I think I have to re-Ava-luate
  • Do you want to Ava dinner with me sometime?

Avery Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow Avery, love the name. Makes sense since you are Avery beautiful girl.
  • Wanna go out sometime? I think we’d have Avery fun time together
  • I hope you know, you’re Avery good looking girl

Axel Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, after matching with you, I might have to Axel my other matches
  • I thought I’d never meet my ideal match but Axel-y, you seem pretty perfect

Bella Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Bella, looking for a fella?
  • Hey, not sure if I should be telling you this, but I’m a Prince and I’m currently looking for my Cinder-Bella 
  • Hey Belle, just FYI I’m a Beast in bed so… will you be my Beauty?

Benjamin Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey how’s it going? Ben jammin’ much today?
  • Hey, how’ve you Ben?
  • Can’t believe I’ve gone this long in my life without Ben by your side
  • Wow, there’s never Ben a better match on this app before you 

Brianna Pick-Up Lines

  • Wanted to use a cheesy pickup line but toBrianna-st with you, I think puns are sort of ovedone
  • Brianna-st, on a scale of 1-10, how perfect was that pun?

Brooklyn Pick-Up Lines

  • Well I don’t know a lot about [insert something she likes based on her profile], but I’d Brooklyn-to it for you if you want.
  • Hey you’re gorgeous. I wanna take you on a date. Would you be able to Brooklyn a quick date next week?

Caleb Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Caleb, I think I leb you already.
  • Hey, are you okay-leb?
  • I think you and I could make a perfect Cal-eboration 

Cameron Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Cameron, wanna get Camer-in me?
  • Hey Cameron, did you know your name was an anagram for romance?
  • Hey is your name Cameron? Cuz I’d love a Camera-n to capture that gorgeous face of yours.

Camila Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Camila, wanna be Cum-ila for a night?
  • One night with me and you’re sure to Camila quickly.
  • You are one in a Camillion

Caroline Pick-Up Lines

  • Sweeeeet Caroline…
  • How many times have you gotten a Sweet Caroline pickup line today?
  • I’d be Caroline if I said you weren’t absolutely stunning.

Carson Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Carson, wanna commit a Car-Sin with me?
  • Hey is your name Carson? Cuz I’d love to see you Daly.

Carter Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, I wasn’t expecting to see someone as cute as you on the app today. You really Carter me off guard.

Charles Pick-Up Lines

  • Honored to see that of all the lovely humans on this app, you Charles to match with me. Thank you!

Charlie Pick-Up Lines

  • Thanks for matching. Promise you won’t Char-leave?
  • I love the name Charlie. Just wanted you to know I’d never Char-leave you.

Charlotte Pick-Up Lines

  • Damn, I definitely got caught in your web.
  • Wow, your name should definitely be Char-hot.
  • Charlotte, would you char-let me rock your world tonight?

Chloe Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, you’re such a catch. I could never let you Chlo-e.
  • Can’t believe you matched with me. My heart is positively Chloe-ing.

Christian Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey Christian, wanna be Christ-in me?
  • Good match, should we grab a drink to Christian this occasion?

Christopher Pick-Up Lines

  • You may be Christopher, but I could make you Chris under her 

Claire Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey what’s your favourite dessert? [Wait for reply] Cool, mine’s e-Clairs 😉 

Clara Pick-Up Lines

  • Well… I gotta de-Clara, I think I’ve just fallen in love

Colton Pick-Up Lines

  • Your photos are amazing, you’ve really nailed that Colton ratio
  • Sorry, but I had to write you, Its the Colton rule 

Connor Pick-Up Lines

  • Someone needs to give you a medal of Connor for that great body
  • Let’s meet up for a drink and have a toast, in your Connor 🥂

Cooper Pick-Up Lines

  • You look so good…I hope you don’t have a Cooper sized ego
  • Hey Cooper! Nice to meet you. When can I meet “mini Cooper?” 😉

Cora Pick-Up Lines

  • I think you are just A-Cora-able
  • Your pics are so great, of Cora-se I had to write you and say

Daniel Pick-Up Lines

  • Daniel? More like Daaammnnn-iel
  • Oh wow, the club can’t even Daniel me now…or however that Usher song went 

David Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, you drive me Davi
  • Hey, I think I could rock your world if you Dave me a chance…

Declan Pick-Up Lines

  • I literally Declan-t even

Delilah Pick-Up Lines

  • I sure got Delil-ucky with this match

Dominic Pick-Up Lines

  • Whoa, Domi-nice pics you got there
  • Was gonna try a pickup lines but cheesy lines are kinda dom, tbh

Dylan Pick-Up Lines

  • Matching with you seems like one in a Dylan odds, lucky me
  • Hooked on a Dylan

Easton Pick-Up Lines

  • Looks like its open Easton because I’ve caught you 
  • Hey Easton… wanna be East-in me?

Eleanor Pick-Up Lines

  • I could never Elea-gnor someone so stunning as you 

Elena Pick-Up Lines

  •  Hey Elena, I’d love to e-lay-next to you 🙂 

Eli Pick-Up Lines

  • Well I can’t Eli to you, you’re pretty cute 
  • Hey, you can r’Eli on me to be a fun date

Elias Pick-Up Lines

  • Your pics have me soaring, how about we create a star Elias?

Elijah Pick-Up Lines

  • Did I Elijah’st fall in love?
  • I can’t Eli to you – I think I jahst fell in love

Elizabeth Pick-Up Lines

  • You Elizabet I’m asking you out right away 

Ella Pick-Up Lines

  • Ciao, B-Ella 
  • If anyone says you’re a 10/10, they are lying, you’re an Ella-ven

Ellie Pick-Up Lines

  • You’re name fits you well, you seem pretty Ellie-te

Emery Pick-Up Lines

  • We could make some good Emerys together

Emilia Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey, wanna grab a drink sometime? Remember, your name is Emili-yeah, not Emili-no

Emily Pick-Up Lines

  • This match just made my day Emil-ion times better 

Emma Pick-Up Lines

  • I wanted to write with the perfect first line… but It’s been a bit of a dilEmma coming up with one 

Erin Pick-Up Lines

  • Oof – is the Erin here really fresh or is that just you?
  • Hey Erin, ever heard that sharin’ is carin’? Care to share a meal together sometime?
  • Wanna go out sometime? I’d consider it an Er-win if you said yes.
  • Ah, Erin you glad I messaged you first?

Ethan Pick-Up Lines

  • I bet you’re Ethan better in person

Eva Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow you’re the most beautiful girl I Eva seen 
  • Knock knock. Who’s there? Eva. Eva who? Eva been asked out via knock knock joke before…? 

Evan Pick-Up Lines

  • I couldn’t help but write, you’ve been on my mind Twenty four Evan 
  • Just like Evan, this match is also the cure 

Evelyn Pick-Up Lines

  • I was having a pretty boring night but now it’s looking a lot more Evelyn-tful

Everett Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow Everett, did we just match? I don’t think I’ll ever get Overett

Everly Pick-Up Lines

  • Wanna be my Happily Ever-ly after?

Ezekiel Pick-Up Lines

  • I came up with a great pun for your name. Trust me – Ezekiel-er one 

Ezra Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, matching with you today Ezra-lly a treat!
  • Ooh, I like your name. I happen to like ez-rough

Gabriel Pick-Up Lines

  • Are you for Gabriel? Cause this match is too perfect

Gabriella Pick-Up Lines

  • Did you know about the time Harry Potter turned his cousin Dudley into a penguin? ‘GAH-BRRR-‘ell its cold!’ He said and broke the ice

Gianna Pick-Up Lines

  • Have you ever gone on a date right after matching? Gianna give it a try?

Grace Pick-Up Lines

  • Looks like I finally found my saving Grace
  • Best match ever, Grace closed 

Grayson/Greyson Pick-Up Lines

  • Damn, Gray-son
  • Excited to see your presence Greyson my inbox

Hailey Pick-Up Lines

  • Are you doctor recommended? Because I’d like to to get a Hailey dose

Hannah Pick-Up Lines

  • I was thinking whether I should write you or not.. but honestly, there isn’t Hannah-other better choice than to
  • I was trying to come up with a witty pun but my brain was like Han,nah

Harper Pick-Up Lines

  • Swiping can be such dangerous territory, but I think I’ve a Safe Harper in this match

Hazel Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m Hazel-nuts about you

Henry Pick-Up Lines

  • Henry are called, but few are chosen… glad I made the cut
  • Oof, I’m Hen-really glad we matched

Hudson Pick-Up Lines

  •   So excited to match with Hudson like you

Hunter Pick-Up Lines

  • What a great profile, I hope its not just a one hit Hunter

Ian Pick-Up Lines

  • Is your name pronounced Ee-an, or Eye-an? I hope it’s the latter cuz I’ve got my Ian you
  • Those photos are so great, I hope you aren’t a catfish or l-Ian
  • So tell me Ian, what’s the most Ian-teresting thing about you?

Isaac Pick-Up Lines

  • You’re Isaacly my type

Isabella Pick-Up Lines

  • Isabella Isabeauty for sure 

Isaiah Pick-Up Lines

  • Why Isaiah, this is a great match indeed

Isla Pick-Up Lines

  • Should we go out on Friday? Isla pick you up at 7.

Ivy Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m concerned you just might be my poison, Ivy

Jace Pick-Up Lines

  • I don’t usually make the first move, so I’m hoping this moment of courage is my saving Jace
  • So shall we go out this weekend? I don’t wanna disappear without a Jace 🙁

Jack Pick-Up Lines

  • You look pretty cool, I hope you don’t lead me Jack to square one
  • I wasn’t sure if I should make the first move… but I was raised to never Jack down from an opportunity
  • I was trying to think of a good pun for your name, but I can’t think of Jack
  • Hello, allow me to hi-Jack this conversation

Jackson/Jaxon Pick-Up Lines

  • I don’t know how to explain it… I feel such a natural aJackson to you

Jacob Pick-Up Lines

  • Those photos are award winning, you should Jacob bow for creating such a good profile 

James Pick-Up Lines

  • Your bio seems so cool, I hope its legit and not just one of those James people play

Jasmine Pick-Up Lines

  • Nice to meet you, Jasmine… so shall we remove the Jas and just make you Mine?
  • How do you pronounce Jasmine? Because in my head it’s “Jas-MINE”.
  • You’re probably sick of Aladdin jokes by now but I really would love to show you a whole new world…
  • Jasmine is a beautiful name, but is it okay if I call you “mine” for short?

Jayden Pick-Up Lines

  • Now and (Jay)den I like to make the first move 

Jeremiah Pick-Up Lines

  • Oh me, oh Jeremiah, that is one great photo you have there
  • Hey, wanna be Jere-MY-ah?

John Pick-Up Lines

  • Well well, you’ve John and got my attention for sure 
  • Wanna go out this weekend? Maybe go on a quick John-t around town?

Jonathan Pick-Up Lines

  • Do you have any plans tonight? If not do you mind If I Jona you than?

Jordan Pick-Up Lines

  • Any chance you’re from somewhere rural? With a name like yours, I just assumed you were a little country

Jose Pick-Up Lines

  • Jose can you see..,. you are the one for me?
  • Couldn’t let a match like you get away! No way, Jose

Joseph Pick-Up Lines

  • As soon as I saw your profile, I knew you weren’t just the average Jo

Josephine Pick-Up Lines

  • Girl you are looking so Jose-fine in those photos

Joshua Pick-Up Lines

  • Looks like I’ve Joshu-won the best match of the day

Julia Pick-Up Lines

  • Oh hey, your name is an anagram for Jail…wait, not that’s not right. I would have to take U out first and buy you a jewel, yea?

Julian Pick-Up Lines

  • I’d be Ju-lyin’ if I said you weren’t super cute

Kai Pick-Up Lines

  • Wanna go out to dinner with me? I hope your reply is a big O-Kai
  • I Kai’nt believe we actually matched!

Kayden Pick-Up Lines

  • If I asked you out, would you be like O-Kayden?
  • Wow, I Kayden’t believe we actually matched

Kennedy Pick-Up Lines

  • I Kenne-deny how good looking you are 

Kinsley Pick-Up Lines

  • Dayum, look at those pics! Your name should be Kin-slay

Landon Pick-Up Lines

  • Just trying to Landon a good time, think you could help me out?
  • Hey, wanna Land-on me sometime?

Layla Pick-Up Lines

  • Just a little FYI, if you go out with me, you’ll never have to worry about ninjas because I wouldn’t let them Layla hand on you 

Leah Pick-Up Lines

  • What are the chances I open with a pun that’s so bad you Leah-ve me hanging?
  • You are unbeLeahvably gorgeous

Leo Pick-Up Lines

  • What are your plans tonight? I’ll be free if you’re feeling a little Leo-nly…

Leonardo Pick-Up Lines

  • Wanna meet up tonight? I hope you Leonard-on’t say no

Levi Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m feeling a little blue, do you think you could help al-Levi-ate my pain with a good date? 

Liam Pick-Up Lines

  • After seeing your photos, I knew I had to shoot my shot, I couldn’t just Liam alone

Lillian Pick-Up Lines

  • Let’s get drinks this weekend. Are you Lilli-an, or Lilli-out?

Lily Pick-Up Lines

  • You are so cute, you’ve Lily got me hooked

Lincoln Pick-Up Lines

  • Pleasure to be Lincoln up with you on this fine app today

Logan Pick-Up Lines

  • KFC’s phrase ‘ It’s finger lickin’ good’ is an oddly sexual slogan…but to be honest, I’m hoping you’ll be my oddly sexual Logan 

Luca Pick-Up Lines

  • Luca here, I’m just going to cut to the chase and ask if you want to get a drink with me
  • You’re all I’m Luca-ing for and more 
  • I took one Luca at your profile and I honestly couldn’t resist

Lucas Pick-Up Lines

  • So, in real life do you Lucas cute as you do in your photos?
  • So, are you the kinda guy to Lu-kiss and tell?

Lucy Pick-Up Lines

  • Can’t Lucy how perfect a date with me could be?

Luke Pick-Up Lines

  • What a great match, guess you could say its my Luke-y day
  • Well Luke at that… we matched 🙂

Luna Pick-Up Lines

  • I see your name is Luna… so, do you know how to Lovegood?
  • At the risk of sounding like a Luna-tic, I think this match was meant to be.

Lydia Pick-Up Lines

  • I really like using puns as a way to break the ice, but you have to be careful because people might take what you say Lydia-lly
  • I was trying to come up with a pun for your name and got ‘let’s get Lit-ia’ but then I thought, maybe you’d prefer the d in Lydia

Madeline/Madelyn Pick-Up Lines

  • I’d be Madeline if I didn’t say I was dying to get to know you 
  • Well, I’m definitely Madel-interested

Madison Pick-Up Lines

  • I can’t think of one pun with your name, I’m really going Mad,son
  • I wasn’t planning on messaging first, but seeing how gorgeous you are, that would’ve been a mad sin

Mason Pick-Up Lines

  • You seem so cool, a seven Mason army couldn’t hold me back from making the first move 

Matthew Pick-Up Lines

  • I’d love to spend some time Matthew 
  • Wow, guys of your calibre are far and (ma)tthew in between

Maya Pick-Up Lines

  • And here I was convinced Maya-ans were a thing of the past
  • I see your name is Maya, but is it okay if I call you Mine instead?

Mia Pick-Up Lines

  • Mia Amore, what lovely photos you have 
  • Pleasure to be matching with you. Please don’t leave Mia hanging.

Michael Pick-Up Lines

  • You should give me your number..who knows, I Michael you later…
  • Hey, I really Mike your profile

Mila Pick-Up Lines

  • What do you say we swap numbers and you text Mila-ter?

Miles Pick-Up Lines

  • I am usually not great with writing first, but just know, for you I’m really going the Miles
  • Oh Miles, you make me Smiles.

Naomi Pick-Up Lines

  • I know you don’t Naomi, but I hope you will soon 

Natalie Pick-Up Lines

  • Has anyone told you you have the best smile ever? Honestly, its Nat-a-lie!
  • Was scared to message you honestly, but I decided to take a Nata-leap of faith.

Nathan Pick-Up Lines

  • Nathan compares to you 

Nevaeh Pick-Up Lines

  • Near, far, Navaeh you are

Nicholas Pick-Up Lines

  • Finally a good match, just in the Nico time
  • Hey, mind if I take you out to dinner sometime? I don’t wanna go Nico-less

Noah Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m trying to find a date for this weekend…do you Noah guy?

Nolan Pick-Up Lines

  • Let’s go out this weekend! Are you Nol-in, or Nol-out?

Nora Pick-Up Lines

  • Built up some confidence to reach out…hope you don’t igNora me

Nova Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, I’ve Nova felt this way about someone before

Oliver Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey, let’s go out some time! Olly’ven pay for everything 🙂

Olivia Pick-Up Lines

  • I was worried you’d just be a pretty face, but Olivia looks real good to me 

Owen Pick-Up Lines

  • Does this match mean you’ll be Owen me a date? 
  • Wow, we actually matched? What an o-win.

Paisley Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow I never thought I’d meet the right person using apps… but looks like persistence Pais off.

Parker Pick-Up Lines

  • So shall we meet up for a date? Down for a walk in the Parker anything like that 🙂

Penelope Pick-Up Lines

  • You’ve really Penelopeaked my interest 

Peyton Pick-Up Lines

  • You and me, dinner on Friday. Are you Peyt-in, or Peyt-out?

Piper Pick-Up Lines

  • I was starting to think my luck on here had run out, but now it looks like some promising things are in the Piper-line

Quinn Pick-Up Lines

  • You + me + dinner Saturday = the Quinn-tessential ingredients for a good time

Riley Pick-Up Lines

  • Ohh hey… You’re Riley cute
  • Wow those photos are great, they’re really Riley-ing me up

Robert Pick-Up Lines

  • Robviously, I couldn’t help but ask you out

Roman Pick-Up Lines

  • Wanna meet for a coffee? We can sit there or just go Roman around
  • Dinner this weekend. Are you Rom-in, or Rom-out?

Ruby Pick-Up Lines

  • Ruby, or not Ruby…that may be one question, but mine is actually will you go out with me?
  • I don’t usually be believe in fate, but this match feels like it was meant ruby

Ryan Pick-Up Lines

  • I’d be Ryan if I said you weren’t cute
  • Not gunna Ry, but I’ve really been struggling trying to come up with a good pun for your name

Rylee Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m tempted to make a name pun but I’m Rylee sure you’ve already heard them all

Sadie Pick-Up Lines

  • From what I’ve heard, they Sadie only way to make a good first impression on these apps is to start with a bad name pun

Samantha Pick-Up Lines

  • Listen, I’ve got a couple important questions and I really need Samanthas

Samuel Pick-Up Lines

  • You look awSam, I just had to say

Santiago Pick-Up Lines

  • So, will you Santia-GO on a date with me, or will that be a Santia-No?

Sarah Pick-Up Lines

  • You look pretty fun, I hope this means I’m headed into a new S-era of good luck
  • Your profile was so great I thought I should message and Sarahnade you with some of my worst puns
  • Que Sarah Sarah… whatever will be will be. So come have dinner with me? Kay, Sarah Sarah?

Savannah Pick-Up Lines

  • I know your name is Savan-nah, but if I asked you out to drinks, could that be a Savan-yeah?

Scarlett Pick-Up Lines

  • Will you Scarlett me take you out this weekend?

Sebastian Pick-Up Lines

  • Wow, we really matched? I guess we’re simply Seb-posed to be
  • Dinner this weekend? Are you Sebast-in or Sebast-out?

Serenity Pick-Up Lines

  • Usually I’d take a coffee break right now, but I would be interested in swapping that for some Sereni-tea time instead

Skylar Pick-Up Lines

  • Humor is usually the best way to start a conversation, but all the name puns I came up with weren’t so Skylar-ious as I hoped
  • How attractive can someone be on this app? Apparently the Skylar’s the limit

Sofia/Sophia Pick-Up Lines

  • Dinner this weekend? Remember, your name is Sophi-yeah, not sophi-no.

Sophie Pick-Up Lines

  • Forget a trophy wife…. I’m looking for a Sophie wife
  • Call me a winner because it looks like I’ve won the Sophie

Stella Pick-Up Lines

  • I think you’re pretty Stella-r

Taylor Pick-Up Lines

  • Looks like we’re Taylor made for each other 

Theodore Pick-Up Lines

  • I know its cheesy to say…but I think your photos are Theo-dorable
  • I Theo-dore you so much 

Thomas Pick-Up Lines

  • I know this may be a bit last minute…what about a date Thomarrow? 
  • You look pretty Thomasing in those photos

Victoria Pick-Up Lines

  • This match sure has me feeling Victori-ous

Violet Pick-Up Lines

  • Hey there, will you Vio-let me take you out sometime this weekend?

Vivian Pick-Up Lines

  • I’m not sure the best way to approach you..could you give me a Vivinsider tip?

Wesley Pick-Up Lines

  • Just shooting my shot here, because you look so good. Hope it lands, but I guess Wesley..

William Pick-Up Lines

  • Will you want to grab a drink? Because Iam 
  • Well, I have to say I am William-pressed with your profile

Willow Pick-Up Lines

  • Where there’s a Willow there’s a way…and I hope this was a good way to break the ice

Wyatt Pick-Up Lines

  • I am so pumped up to meet you, but just know if you agree to go out with me I promise I’ll be cool and won’t cause a Wyatt

Xavier Pick-Up Lines

  • You’re photos are so great, would it be weird if I made you my screen Xavier? 

Zoey/Zoe Pick-Up Lines

  • Looks like I’ve finally found my one and Zoe
  • I heard there are names that can be impossible to make puns out of, say its not Zoey! 

We Hope You Enjoyed This List of Name Pickup Lines!

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