FREE Reality Shifting to Harry Potter Script Template [Fill in the Blank]

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If you are curious about reality shifting to Hogwarts, but find the prospect of making your own script from scratch too daunting, well, we’re here to help.

Below is a free and easy fill-in-the-blank Hogwarts shifting script template adapted from that you can use to craft your ideal Desired Reality (or DR for short).

How to Use This Shifting Template for Harry Potter

Using this fill in the blank template couldn’t be easier!

Simply write down the bits of the scripting template you want to use (whether physically in a notebook or digitally on your phone/computer) and replace the blanks with your own preferences and details.

Feel free to use as much or as little of it as you want. The prompts below are simply meant to guide you and get your creative juices flowing. You can of course also add your own details – the more the better!

Visuals are of course encouraged if you want them as well.

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Our Fill in the Blank Hogwarts Shifting Script Template

Follow this script for shifting to Hogwarts and be sure to fill in the blanks to make it your own. As a reminder, shifting can be a long process for many and it doesn’t instantly happen, so don’t get discouraged!

Basic Personal Info For Your Harry Potter Shifting Script

My name is _______.

The nickname(s) that my friends call me is ________.

My preferred pronouns are ______.

I am _____ years old.

My birthday is _______.

My parents are ______ and _______.

I ____ (do/do not) have siblings.

They are __________.

I am of ______ blood (e.g. pure).

I have ______ hair and _______ eyes.

I am ______ feet/cm tall.

My body type is ________.

My best physical features are __________.

The best parts of my personality are ______.

My catchphrase is _______.

I am very talented at ______ (insert things you are good at).

I speak ___ languages. They are ______ (insert the languages you speak).

I am very ____ (introverted or extroverted).

My signature scent is ______.

Wizarding Personal Info for you Harry Potter Shifting Script

My Patronus is _______.

I am in my ______ year at Hogwarts.

My wand is made of ______.

The story of how I got my wand is ________.

My dream job in the wizarding world is _______.

Pet Info for Your Harry Potter Shifting Script

My pet is ____.

My pet’s personality is _______ [describe pet in detail].

The story of how I got my pet is ________ [insert pet origin story].

Friendship / Rivaly Script Additions for Your Harry Potter Script

At Hogwarts, I have ______ of friends (a lot, a tight small circle, etc.)

At Hogwarts, my friends are _____.

We became friends because _____ (insert friends origin story).

None of my friends can die.

My friends love me because ______ (insert positive traits).

My friends understand my sense of humor and references.

Our favorite thing we do together is _______ (insert friendship bonding activity).

My best friend at Hogwarts is ________.

We have been best friends for _____ years and our favorite thing to do together is _____.

We became best friends because _____ (insert best friend friendship origin story).

My best friend cannot die.

I share my dorm with _________.

We all get along _______ (very well, not very well, etc.)

People I don’t get along with at Hogwarts include _______.

My main rival is _____. We are rivals because _____ (insert rival origin story).

Love Interest Additions for Your Harry Potter Script

My love interest at Hogwarts is ______.

We are ________ (just friends, seeing each other, in a committed relationship, etc.)

They are _______ (insert personality traits of Hogwarts love interest) and likes me for my _____ (insert traits of yours that your Hogwarts love interest likes).

I met my love interest when _____ (insert love interest origin story).

They look just like they do in the movies, except ______ (insert any changes).

My love interest cannot die.

Hogwarts-Specific Script Additions for Shifting

Hogwarts is beautiful to wander around, and very magical.

It looks just like in the movies, except ______ (insert any changes you want to add related to the Hogwarts setting).

I know Hogwarts very well, like the back of my hand, and can navigate the grounds with ease.

My favorite part of Hogwarts is _______.

I can always find the Room of Requirement whenever it’s needed.

I am friendly with all the paintings and ghosts at Hogwarts.

I have permission to go to Hogsmeade and my favorite thing to do there is _______.

I get mail during the semester from ________.

I get gifts sent in the mail from ___________.

They send me _________.

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My professors at Hogwarts like me and I get great grades without having to study very hard.

My favorite professor is ____.

My favorite class is _____.

Of my friends, __________ are also in the same class.

My favorite foods at Hogwarts are ______. They serve them every ______ (insert occasion or day of the week).

In my free time at Hogwarts, I like to ______ (insert hobbies/extracirriculars, e.g. Quidditch)

Other Seasonal Considerations for Your Shifting Script

In my DR, I spend my summers with _______.

During the summer, I ___________ (insert activities).

In my DR, I spend Christmas with ______.

At Christmas, I get gifts from ______.

The gifts I get are _____ (insert gifts you receive, or simply adjectives like thoughtful, sweet, personal, etc.)

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Convenient Additions for Your Harry Potter Shifting Script

I am healthy. I cannot get sick.

I cannot die or incur any major harm. I feel minimal pain.

Nothing I encounter will traumatize me.

Nobody asks me questions about my backstory or question why I’m there.

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Shifting Meta Additions for Your Script

When I have successfully shifted, I will know because _____ (insert a sign of some kind like what you’re wearing, what you can smell, what you see, etc.)

My Desired Reality will pause when I leave it.

When I am in my Desired Reality, 1 hour of my Current Reality is equal to ______ in my Desired Reality.

I cannot get stuck in my Desired Reality.

My waiting room looks like _________.

Life in my Desired Reality will follow the plot of the Harry Potter movies except ________ (insert changes you would make, e.g. Voldemort doesn’t exist, Ron and Hermione don’t get together, etc.)

My clone will act as I normally do while I am in my Desired Reality.

My clone will not tell anyone that I have shifted.

To return to my Current Reality, I will _______ (e.g. clap 3 times, tap my feet together 3 times, etc.)

I have a safe word to return to my Current Reality. It is _____.

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Other Things to Add to This Hogwarts Shifting Script Template

Of course, the Hogwarts shifting script template above is just a start!

Remember, shifting is a completely personal experience and you can put as much detail into your script as you want.

Here are some additional Hogwarts scripting ideas that you can add.

Visuals of what you look like:

  • Photos of your DR physical features
  • Photos of outfits you’ll wear
  • Photos of your desired aesthetic
  • Photos of any piercings, tattoos, etc.

Visuals of what your dorm looks like:

  • Click here for aesthetic Pinterest boards with inspo for each house
  • Photos of your dorm decor
  • Photos of what your bed will look like
  • Photos of your dorm mates (if you want)
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

Visuals of what your love interest looks like and what you like to do together:

  • Photos of your Hogwarts bae
  • Aesthetic photos that show your date vibes
  • Photos of date ideas

Convenient script additions like…

  • You always have money
  • You never get your period
  • You don’t need to shave/wax
  • You don’t get acne
  • You always have clean clothes
  • Your breath always smells great
  • You are physically fit and don’t get tired
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Fun script additions like…

  • What you get to eat for breakfast at the Great Hall
  • What the Yule Ball will look like
  • What you will wear to the Yule Ball

Random things you’re good at, like…

  • You’re a good kisser
  • You are a very gifted artist
  • You have a really good sense of humor

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