Where to Meet Geeks to Date: Online, In Real Life, Etc.!

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If you’re a geek wondering where to meet other geeks to date… well, you’re in the right place. 

Finding someone with similar interests to you is one of the easiest ways to break the ice and pave the way for a deeper connection.

But… where exactly do you *find* them?

Well, in this post, we’ll offer some ideas on where to find the geeky love you’ve always been wishing for.

Dating Apps/Sites for Geeks 

We’ll start with the obvious – dating sites and apps that are specifically designed for geeks, nerds, and gamers.

Here is a list we’ve put together of dating sites and apps for geeks.

BUT we’ll be honest , we do not actually think this is the best way to meet geeks to date. We’ve summarized our reasons why in this article here, but there are a lot of reasons why these sites tend to fail and fizzle out over the years.

Below, we’ll recommend more places you can meet geeks, besides these specialty niche apps.

‘Mainstream’ Dating Apps and Sites

We know what you’re thinking – mainstream dating apps can often be really shallow and uninteresting, and you’ll have to wade through a lot of duds to find someone who shares your passions and interests.

While this can be true (and even non-geeks will face the same issue), the truth is, by sheer numbers alone, mainstream dating apps and sites offer some of your best odds at finding a suitable match… even if finding someone with geeky tendencies can be a struggle sometimes.

Here are some tips for optimizing your profile on Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, etc. to attract fellow geeks:

  • Photos: Choose a good mix of photos that show a variety of interests – don’t just show ONLY your nerdy side – also highlight other assets and facets of your personality
  • Bio: Include subtle clues about your interests rather than outright saying “total Star Wars Nerd” or something like that. In contrast, if you say something like “Don’t swipe right… it’s a trap!” then that would be immediately recognizable to someone who does like Star Wars as an Admiral Akbar reference, and make them more likely to swipe on you because you have something in common!


If you’re looking for an in-person solution to meet geeks in your local area, Meetup is a wonderful option. With Meetup groups for just about any interest, this will allow you to tap into plenty of hubs where you’ll find people who share your interests and also live near you! Win-win.

Click here to see Meetup’s list of nerdy/geeky groups to find one in your area.

The important thing to note here is of course that Meetup is not a dating service – it’s a service for meeting others (first) in a platonic way, so don’t approach it like it’s a dating site. Instead, hop on there to meet others with similar interests, go to some events, and if you feel a spark, then take it from there. 

Conventions and Special Events 

Ah, of course! This might be one of the most obvious places to meet geeks in real life, and if you play your cards right, you’ll potentially find geeks to date too. Conventions related to your interest, or other related events like lectures, workshops, etc. can be a great way to meet new people who love exactly what you love.

NOTE: It’s important to remember that conventions, workshops, etc. should be a safe space for geeks to enjoy their mutual interests and revel in their joined fandom. Much like Meetups, you should definitely not go to conventions specifically to find a date – this can come off as predatory and creepy. Instead, see it as an opportunity to meet people with likeminded interests, and hey, if something further blossoms from it, then all the better!

Geeky Bars and Hangout Spots

Depending on where you live, there may be certain spots that are known as geeky hangout spots, so do some research and try your luck!

Meeting geeks (by happenstance) in real life might not be the easiest thing, but of course your chances increase exponentially once you start frequenting places that other geeks frequent too.

Some ideas might be:

  • Geek themed bars (check out this list of Harry Potter themed bars!)
  • Board game cafes 
  • Comic books that do events/meetups/readings

Where else can you find geeks to date?

Let us know in the comments if you have any other ideas for places to meet fellow geeks! We hope you found this article helpful… thanks for reading!

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