20+ Slytherin Pickup Lines to Test Out on Tinder, Bumble & Hinge ASAP

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In need of the perfect Slytherin pickup lines to impress that special Slytherin in your life?

We’ve already covered our top Harry Potter pickup lines, but to impress a Slytherin requires true cunning and achievement.

So, no ordinary pickup line will do. Here are some truly excellent Slytherin pickup lines to try out the next time you encounter a Slytherin in the wild.

Cute and Wholesome Slytherin Pickup Lines

Hey what’s your Hogwarts house?
[Wait for answer]
Cool… I’m Slytherin. Mind if I Slytherin-to your DMs sometime?

Hey is your name Salazar?
Because I’d love to Slytherin to your arms.

Wow, are you a basilisk?
Because I just froze at the sight of you.

Hey is your last name Slytherin?
Because you Salaz-ARE so hot.

Hey do you know what Slytherin’s house element is?
[Wait for them to say water]
Cool… water you doing tonight?

Hey so as a Slytherin, you like water right?
Cool… you already like 75% of me then.

Hey was your dad Salazar Slytherin?
Cuz I think I’ve just met the one and I’d like to Locket down.

Dirty Slytherin Pickup Lines

Is that a serpent in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Hey is your name Salazar?
Because I’d love to Slytherin-to your pants.

Hey, how comfy is your bed?
[Wait for reply]
Mind if Iā€¦. Slytherin?

[If you are both the same House] I knew you had some Slytherin in you. Would you like some more?

Hey are you a Slytherin?
[If yes] Cool – want to play with my serpent sometime?
[If no] It’s okay – want to play with my serpent anyway?

So I know Slytherins are cunning…
Do you want to also be c*mming?

Hey are you a Slytherin?
Because I’m pretty sure I belong in your house.

Hey are you a Slytherin?
Because I’d love to be Bloody Baron it all with you.

I may not speak Parseltongue, but I can do other things with my tongue…

Hey are you free next Friday?
My basilisk would love to come explore your Chamber of Secrets.

Hey are you a Death Eater?
Because I’ve got something better for you to put your mouth on than death šŸ˜‰

Hey is your last name Slytherin?
Because you certainly Salaz-ARE making me hot and bothered.

Hey so as a Slytherin, you like green right?
Wanna see my pickle?

Got any more Slytherin pickup lines to add?

Let us know in the comments if you can think of any!

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