5 Magical Harry Potter-Themed Bars & Cafes for Your Bucket List

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BEST LIST EVER featuring Harry Potter themed bars and cafes from around the world. A must-pin for any Harry Potter fan interested in travelling the world!

There comes a time in every Potterhead’s life when they’ve already read every book 100 times, watched every movie 1000 times and cried for 10 years over Dobby…

The question soon becomes then… “what do I do now?”

Well my wonderful wizarding friend, it’s time to grab your floo powder and step into the great big world of Harry Potter themed bars and cafes! Here are a few of the wonderful places you can choose from… perhaps for the most magical date night ever?

PS: we haven’t tested the food or drink at any of these places, so don’t you Slytherins dare swoop in with any negativity! Just let us dream about these oh so magical date spots…

Platform 1094, Singapore

1094 Serangoon Rd, Singapore 328192

This maagical restaurant became a viral sensation recently after videos surfaced of its incredible Goblet of Fire cocktail, made up of blue Curacao, lemonade and Bacardi. The secret to this wizardry is that once the server sets it on fire, you make it rain cinnamon on top of your goblet, which creates a crazy spark effect worthy of many nerd tears. Seriously, LOOK AT IT:


A photo posted by Caecilia (@singaporeliciouz) on

The Lockhart Cocktail Bar, Toronto, Canada

1479 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Dishing up delightful cocktails and tapas like “Herbology 101” and “The Nagini’, this Toronto bar has made headlines all around the world for their gorgeously magical interior and theme dedication. After thoroughly creeping their website, we can confirm: their potions & elixirs look pretty damn amazing, plus they also have trivia and magic nights (where yes, magicians come in to perform!)

The Smokey Cauldron (Formerly the Hogwarts Cafe), Islamabad, Pakistan

Chaudhary Plaza, O-9, Police Foundation, Islamabad 44000

A cafe with its own Platform 9 and three-quarters? Sign us up! The decor inside this magical space includes floating candles, broomsticks and all sorts of quirky knick knacks… plus themed food and drink! What more could you want?

Bad Owl Coffee, Henderson, Nevada

10575 S Eastern Ave #160, Henderson, NV, United States

This whimsically decorated Nevada cafe is what dreams are made of. Serving “coffee with a hint of magic”, their diverse menu includes all sorts of sandwiches, pastries, teas and flavoured coffee drinks, including oh yes, a Butterbeer latte (which they call Butter Brew). Our favourite part though? Check out these table tops:

A photo posted by BAD OWL COFFEE (@badowlcoffee) on

A photo posted by BAD OWL COFFEE (@badowlcoffee) on

The Blind Pig, London, England

58 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 7NR, UK

Okay, so it’s not a fully Harry Potter-themed establishment, but they’ve recently announced a new butterbeer drink that sounds hella fancy and delicious. Made with “Monkey Shoulder scotch, Kamm & Sons, thyme, butterscotch, citrus, bitters [and] beer”, it definitely sounds much nicer than all those DIY attempts of making a boozey butterbeer at home! (Don’t lie, we’ve all done it.)

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