50+ Amazing Harry Potter Pickup Lines & Chat Up Lines for Tinder, Hinge, Bumble, Etc.

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Looking for the perfect Harry Potter themed pickup line to use in a Tinder, Hinge, or Bumble convo?

We’ve all been there – you can tell your match is a Potterhead, and you’re hoping to impress and break the ice with a fun line or two.

Well, one of the best ways to build rapport and get a conversation flowing is showing you speak their language… in other words, the language of the magical world of Harry Potter.

So, whether you’re looking for a cute and witty Harry Potter pickup line, or going straight for something spicier, here are some genius HP-related pickup line ideas for your perusal.


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Wholesome and Cute Harry Potter Pickup Lines for Dating Apps

Not trying to come off as a creep? Don’t want to cross any lines with your Harry Potter pickup lines? Let’s start with some cutesy and wholesome ones. After all, you don’t want to scare them off…

Which Hogwarts house are you?
[Wait for reply]
I see. Well, I was hoping you would Slytherin to my arms…

Hey, do you play Quidditch?
[Wait for reply]
… Ah, well I definitely thought you seemed like a Keeper.

What perfume/cologne do you use?
[Wait for reply]
Sweet. Now I know what my Amortentia probably smells like.

Hey you’re not Harry Potter are you?
Well, you can be my Chosen one any day…

So I decided to try “Accio Beautiful/Handsome” but wow I didn’t expect it to work so quickly…

What would you see in the Mirror of Erised?
[wait for their reply, and hopefully they will ask you back]
Hmmm, I’d probably see the two of us together.

Listen, I’ve studied Charms with Professor Flitwick but nothing could have prepared me for how charming you are.

Hey did you go to Hogwarts?
I thought there was something magical about you…

Hey are you a Golden Snitch?
Because I’ve been seeking you my whole life.

… Did you just cast the Descendo spell?
Because I’m pretty sure I’m falling for you.

Hey did you say Alohamora…?
Because you’ve just unlocked the key to my heart.

Your favourite spell must be Stupefy because wow you are stunning.

Dirty Harry Potter Pickup Lines

Alright, you’re looking for things a bit on the saucier side – we hear you. After all, if you’re using Harry Potter pickup lines on a dating app, it might be good to make your intentions clear. Well, if you want to dazzle your match with a dirty Harry Potter chat up line, here are some ideas:

Well I’m not sure what the Sorting Hat would say, but I personally think you belong in my House. You free tonight?

Hey are you Moaning Myrtle?
[Wait for them to say no]
Would you like to be…?

Hm… your name isn’t Luna…
[Wait for them to be confused]
It’s just weird because you really do look like you Lovegood.

Hey, wanna come over tonight and turn my house into the Shrieking Shack?

Hey are you a Harry Potter fan?
[Wait for them to say yes]
Cool… because I’d love to whomp your willow sometime.

Hey, how comfy is your bed?
[Wait for reply]
Mind if I…. Slytherin?

Hey, I don’t want to worry you but… I heard your bed is a horcrux. Should we destroy it together?

Wow – you’re stunning. Definitely won’t need “Lumos” to turn me on.

Hey are you a Harry Potter fan? Because I’d love my/your Basilisk to enter my/your Chamber of Secrets.

Heard you like Harry Potter! Want to ride my broom?

You know what’s wild? I actually attended Hogwarts…
Yeah, still remember a few moves too… Wanna “swish and flick” at my place tonight?

Hey, want to manage some mischief with me tonight?

Do you solemnly swear you’re up to no good?
[Wait for them to answer yes]
Sweet, my place tonight?

No need for Accio tonight to make me come 😉

You know my friends call me the Hogwarts Express..
[Wait for them to ask why]
Well, why don’t I take you someplace magical tonight and you’ll see?

Yikes, did you just cast the Duro spell?!
… Because I’m rock hard, baby.

Hey, want to do something magical tonight?
I’d love to Incarcerous and Obscuro you, then destroy your Horcrux, if you catch my drift.

Hey you’re a Harry Potter fan right?
[Wait for them to say yes]
Do you remember what spell they use to set up a tent…?
[Wait for them to say Erecto, or if they don’t know, say Erecto, then say…]
… Done. When are you coming over?

Hey, are you a witch/wizard?
Cool, because I’d love for you to hold my wand, if you catch my drift…

Wow, did you just cast the Engorgio charm?
Well, if I look down, it’s clearly working.

Do you want some Felix Felicis?
Because I’d love for us to get lucky tonight.

Do you like Hagrid?
… Cuz I’ve got another giant thing you can meet, if you’re down.

House-Related Harry Potter Pickup Lines for Dating Apps

Whether they list their Hogwarts house on their profile, or if they answer your icebreaker “which House are you in” question, here are some fun pickup lines you can use once you know what House they’re in:

Gryffindor Pick Up Lines:

Here are some lines to use if your match says they are a Gryffindor:

  • [If you are both the same House] I knew you had some Gryffindor in you. Would you like some more?
  • Wanna be my Gryffin-whore?
  • Well, Gryffindors are brave, so… how about a date?
  • Nice – I’d be Lion if I said I didn’t want to take you out sometime.


Here are some lines to use if your match says they are a Ravenclaw:

  • [If you are both the same House] I knew you had some Ravenclaw in you. Would you like some more?
  • Ah, no wonder you were able to Raven-Claw your way into my heart so quickly.
  • So you must be smart… in that case, riddle me this: what is my sweater made out of? [Answer: boyfriend material]
  • Nice – I’d be Eagle to please you sometime if you’re down.


Here are some lines to use if your match says they are a Hufflepuff:

  • [If you are both the same House] I knew you had some Hufflepuff in you. Would you like some more?
  • I knew it. Hufflepuffs are always the cutest.
  • That makes sense – you’ve got some great Hufflepuffs.
  • Nice – I’d love to pet your badger sometime.


Here are some lines to use if your match says they are a Slytherin:

  • [If you are both the same House] I knew you had some Slytherin in you. Would you like some more?
  • I knew it. Slytherins are always the hottest.
  • Well, if you have a comfy bed, I’d love to Slytherin sometime…
  • Nice – would you like to play with my Serpent sometime?

Dementor Pickup Lines

Honestly, dementor-themed pickup lines are low-hanging fruit in the Harry Potter world – between references to Dementors’ kisses and taking one’s breath away, but hey, if you’re here on an article about Harry Potter pickup lines, we’re assuming you don’t have an issue with cheesiness, so here are some ideas:

Hey are you a Dementor?
Because honestly, I wouldn’t mind your kiss.

Hey you must be a Dementor…
Because you just took my breath away.

Hey you must be a Dementor, because I would definitely die on the spot if you kissed me.

Hey, I may not be a dementor but I’m pretty good at sucking 😉

Hey are you a dementor?
Because the thought of you is literally consuming my soul.

Have any more Harry Potter pickup lines to share?

Drop them in the comments below! We hope you found this list helpful. Best of luck!

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