Important Lessons in Love from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

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So, besides being the absolute greatest game of all time (fight us on this, we dare you), the truth is that the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time also brought us many wonderful lessons about life and love.

Who knew that Nintendo was such a love guru? Here are some very real romance tips from our favourite childhood game:

1. Those who love you the most can be annoying af.

Hey, listen! I think we can all know who we’re talking about here…


We’ll be the first to admit that Navi was – at times – a great twinkly waste of space. BUT, with every chirpy call, she was only trying to help, and at the end of the day, you couldn’t have saved Hyrule without her guidance and support. This might seem like a silly comparison, but we take people’s love for granted all the time. Not just romantic love, but love from family and friends… So, the next time you feel annoyed by an overbearing person in your life, remember that maybe they’re only acting like that because they care about you.

2. The key to success is courage. When in doubt, try.

Come on, there’s a reason that Link’s triforce was Courage. The beauty of the Zelda universe is that we literally try everything we can to get the results we want. Does that wall look a little off? Bomb that sh*t. Bomb didn’t work? Try the bombchus instead. Still nothing? Maybe let’s just do our spin attack until something happens.

In Zelda, success requires bravery and experimentation. It’s the same in the real world. Unfortunately, we still lack the tech to hookshot someone’s affection, but the lesson is this: if you never try, you never know. Interested in that cute barista at your local Starbucks? Try some friendly banter. Have a crush on someone from work? Make the effort to chat with them. Sure, the road to success will contain many failures and smashed pots, but you never know which pot might just have the gold rupee, if you know what I’m sayin’.

3. Looking for love? Work on yourself first.

Let’s be real – our main man Link had zero chance with Princess Zelda. At the start of the game, he was nothing but a fairyless kid with pointy ears and an affinity for crawling through narrow passages. Then, you know what? After his mission became saving the world (becoming an adventurous badass in the process), all the ladies wanted a piece of that green tunic, from straight up Zora princesses to scantily clad fairies. So, if you’re hung up over that special someone, think about what you can do to improve yourself first and make yourself more confident and attractive to others. Before long, maybe you’ll have a Zora princess “granting her eternal love to you”… whether that’s a good thing or not.

Come on. Princess Ruto was the one that got away… via GIPHY

4. There are consequences to being an asshole.

Anyone who’s ever sliced a cucco for funsies will know that the wrath is effing real. Just because you CAN be an asshole doesn’t mean you should. This might sound like common sense, but often times in the dating world, we forget how kindness can really go a long way. Relationships take work, and that work is 99% not being a total dick. Be patient, be understanding and most of all, go out of your way to be a nice person.

Or else…


5. Last but not least… True love is worth the wait.

Okay, we’re not saying that you need to need to um… wait seven years, or time travel, or whatever to get your happily ever after, but the point here is to not rush. When it comes to love and relationships, there’s no overestimating the value of patience. Finding the right person isn’t something that’ll happen overnight, and just like defeating Ganondorf, it takes some time. But, don’t fret my friend, some day you WILL meet someone who makes all the hard work, rejections and scary encounters with ReDeads worth it.

So tell us, what’s the best lesson that Zelda taught you?

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