6 Marvel-Inspired Dinner + Movie Date Ideas

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Who said that the classic dinner/movie thing had to be boring?

It’s time to geek things up! The next time you’re in charge of date night, trying upping your game with these Marvel-ous dinner & movie combinations:

The Avengers + Shawarma

“I don’t know what it is, but I wanna try it”. 

Hey, if it’s good enough for Tony Stark, it’s good enough for you! Grab some of that delicious grilled meat, throw it on a plate (or pita, whatever) and enjoy a greasy yet romantic movie night ft. the first Avengers movie.

Deadpool + Chimichangas

Deadpool can say chimichanga in seven languages… how about you?

Don’t worry – your mouth will be too full with that chimmy goodness to speak anyway. Chimichangas + Deadpool – a winning combination.

Ironman 1 + American Cheeseburgers

Fresh off of 3 months in captivity, Tony Stark wanted two things: an American cheeseburger and a press conference. The reason is simple: burgers are freaking delicious, and a dream food worthy of any date night. Sure, Stark went for Burger King, but the possibilities are endless.

Fantastic Four + A Fantastic Four Course Meal

Bonus points if your courses correspond to each F4 member! May we suggest a hot appetizer that has been Human Torch’d, a main dish topped with melted, stretchy cheese for Mister Fantastic, and a Rocky Road Cake for The Thing? This way, you can just get a three course meal and say one’s invisible. *Ba dum tsssss*

And okay these last two aren’t dinner, but are perfect if you wanna keep things… Loki:

Thor + Coffee and Pop Tarts

Ah coffee, nectar of the Norse gods. Coffee, Thor & Chill sounds pretty good to us… but bring some extra snacks though. Thor can eat an entire box of Pop Tarts and still be hungry.

Antman + Baskin Robbins

“Baskin Robbins always finds out man!”

If it’s an Antman theme you’re going for, why not grab your sweetheart and give one of those mango fruit blasts a taste? Or perhaps try your luck at ordering a burger/”whatever’s hot and fresh”.

Worst comes to worst, I’m sure your date will appreciate a wine tasting with your cousin Ernesto.

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