Adorable Valentine’s Cards for Your Pokémon-Loving Sweetheart

Because out of all people, they chose you!


Warning: this post contains puns.

Let us guess, when you think about that special someone in your life, there’s no denying that they’re a real… catch.

It could be their sense of humour, perfect smile or affinity for the same geeky things as you, but something about them makes you feel like you’ve found an Articuno in a sea of Pidgeys.

If that sounds familiar, don’t forget to treat your one and only to the perfect card this Valentine’s Day! Sorry dude, for someone this special, a traditional Hallmark card won’t cut it.

Here are some of our favourite Pokemon-themed Valentine’s cards that you can buy online:

How about this adorable card for before they get a sweet pikach-your gifts? Bonus: last minute shoppers can get it as a downloadable file.

Photo via POPxCOUCHA on Etsy

Or this sweet reminder of who’s always #1…

Photo via WombatCreative on Etsy

You can give them this cute card to remind them of who caught who:

Photo via whatafabday on Etsy

Or affirm the fact that you made the right choice, with this 8-bit beauty:

Photo via playerNo2 on Etsy

This card will remind them that your love goes on despite their flaws…

Photo via CherryCatsWorld on Etsy

… and you can eevee-n let them know that you love them as they are (with this card):

Photo via BluePotionUK on Etsy

Use this card to remind them that your love is off the Char-ts.

Photo via madaboutcards on Etsy

Or just get a card that your valentine will surely Dig, like this one:

Photo via dontmovestationery on Etsy

Let them know that they’re your perfect match with this creative matchbox surprise:

Photo via 3XUDesign on Etsy

Or if you’re looking for something raunchier, this punny Rhydon card will probably do the trick:

Photo via FoxSoupShop on Etsy

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