20+ GENIUS Among Us Pickup Lines (Funny, Wholesome & Dirty!)

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Looking for Among Us pickup lines to test out on your next cutie crewmate, or simply to use on your special someones who love to play?

We have you covered, with this extensive list of Among Us pickup lines that will make you laugh, cringe, blush and… honestly, all of the above.

Whether you’re looking for wholesome and adorable Among Us themed pickup lines, or something a bit… spicier, we have plenty of options for you.


Cute & Wholesome Among Us Pickup Lines

Let’s start with some really cute and wholesome Among Us themed pickup lines… these ones are guaranteed to get you some smiles!

Hey, do you wanna be sus together? Cuz you can’t spell sus without us.

Hey did you sabotage the O2? Because you just took my breath away.

I know we’re already crewmates… but what do you think about dropping the crew and become soulmates instead?

Yikes! It seems like Comms went down… maybe you should give me your number just in case it happens again.

Hey, did you do the wires task just now?
Because I feel a definite connection.

Hey did you just sabotage the shields?
Because I can’t help but let my guard down when I’m with you.

Someone may have just sabotaged the lights, but your smile still lights up the room.

Hey, you seem sus…
So Unbelievably Sexy, that is.

Hey, were you in Electrical earlier?
Because I definitely felt a spark between us.

I definitely think you’re sus…
… because you’ve killed my interest in seeing anyone else!

I need to call an emergency meeting!
… because you just stole my heart.

Oh did you just get ejected from the game? Okay, I need to change my colour then… since I’m so Blue without you.

Hey, are you in Navigation?
Because I’d love to navigate my way to your heart.

There’s no way that [color] is sus…. because they’ve been running through my mind the entire game.

Oooh, looks like there’s an angel among us this round… and you’re looking kinda sus.

I’ll send you the code for a new game… but first I need to say URAQT.

I didn’t see you kill anybody, but you’re still sus…. since you clearly stole my heart.

Hey are you a security camera? Because I want to watch you all day long.

Hey are you in Admin?
Because admin love with you.

Dirty Among Us Pickup Lines

Going for a more aggressive approach? We get it. Here are some Among Us pickup lines that are definitely dirtier, but possibly even more effective.

Thankful to have you as a crewmate… but do you want to add a letter and become screwmates instead?

Hey, are you one of my tasks?
Because I really want to do you.

Hey, are you a vent?
Because I’m the imposter and I’d love to come in you.

I have a lot of tasks to complete still, but I’d love to do you first.

Hey, call me the MedBay… because I’d love to scan your body.

Figuring out the imposter is hard…. but I’ve got something harder 😉

I’m jealous of your hat…
Because it gets to be on you.

Hey are you busy later?
Because I’d love to explore your lower engine 😉

Hey, you’re done your tasks right?
Wanna come explore my cockpit then?

If you’re the imposter, I’d love to be the vent…
That way you can come inside me whenever you want.

Damn, I wish you were a task…
Because I’d have no problem doing you and over and over.

Hey did you just kill me?
Because I’ve got a big bone sticking out now…

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