Awesome Lord of the Rings Valentine Cards for Your Precioussss

The desolation of lame valentine cards.


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With Valentine’s Day coming up, the pressure is ON to impress. Thinking of settling for a regular greeting card and overpriced chocolate? Well, we at Loading Player Two think you should Frodo-se ideas out the window, and opt for something a little more awesome.

So, are you looking for the ideal Valentine’s card to please your preciousss? Here are some of our favourites that you can buy online:

This reminder that they’re your favourite adventure partner, via WhamCards:

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Or say I love you. After all, it’d be s-elvish of you not to. (via Whamcards)

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Let them know that they’re an ideal meal companion with this card from BitterWhimsy:

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Or keep it simple and remind them that you’d be sad and gollum without them (via ThePaintedKitchen)

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Use these wise words via averycampbellART (and Gandalf) to remind them you were meant to be:

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And that you’re with them through thick and thin (via kenziecardco):

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And last but least, that they’re just super hot… via Whamcards:

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Keen for more LOTR goodness? Check out Etsy for more!

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