Adorable Valentines for Your Gamer Sweetheart

That special someone you would hit pause for.


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Let’s face it, if you’ve got a gaming sweetheart in your life, that’s a catch worth holding onto. So, why not honour the awesomeness that is your other half with a Valentine’s card that’s equally geeked out?

Here are some of our favourites that you can buy online:

This watercolour beauty from phillyandbrit

Buy it here!

This very sweet declaration of love from playerNo2

Buy it here!

This reminder that your love is Destiny, from offbymyself

Buy it here!

This card by Driventoink that will help them understand the depth of your love

Buy it here!

Let them know they’ve maxed out your heart containers with this card from GlassMountain

Buy it here!

… and remind them how they give you strength with this playerNo2 card!

Buy it here!

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