Adorable Star Trek Cards for your Trekkie Valentine

Love long and prosper.


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So you’ve found yourself the perfect Valentine who loves all the same geeky stuff that you do? Well, the pressure’s on dude – Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away. Is at all possible to find cards worthy of your wonderful Trekkie sweetheart?

You sure KHAAAAAN!

Here are a few of our favourite Star Trek-themed valentines that you can buy online:

You can profess your love in terms that even a Vulcan would understand (via sweetgeek):

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Or tell them what it is you really want (via TAYHAMS):

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It doesn’t really get sweeter than this card (via NotableLoot):

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And you should probably let them know that this cheesy Valentine’s thing is happening, whether they like it or not (via WhamCards):

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Remind them that you have the ultimate bond (via thebiglake):

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And of course, how stunning they are (via hensonhandmade):

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This card via Beckadoodles is a pretty big deal:

But let’s be real – nothing Khan really beat this sexy card via CastleMcQuade:

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